Why Copperworks

Continuously innovating, growing and striving for excellence, our team is like no other in the industry. Here’s what makes us different:

Expert Engineering

Our expert engineering team goes on-site at customer locations to advise them on the most efficient use of our product, saving them time and money.

Because we have a singular focus on copper rod and wire, we can provide the in-depth knowledge and expertise you need to use our products in the most efficient way possible. Our engineers enjoy working alongside customers at their locations and developing new and innovative processes.

Can-Do Culture

Our team is hands-on, innovative and hard-working, motivated to provide the best for our customers.

Our people make us who we are. Any company can purchase the machinery to make the products we make, but it is what our people do with the equipment that makes us different and successful.

Copper Rod Expertise & Focus

It’s what we do—our passion, our focus is copper rod and wire. Period.

At SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS™, copper is in our blood. We specialize in manufacturing the highest quality copper rod and wire for our customers. As experts, we bring a level of understanding and knowledge that simply can’t be matched. With us, you get the value of an experienced team that knows copper rod and wire inside and out.

Product Choices

We offer a variety of products: from our Advantage™ Rod, to our Elemental™ Rod, to solid wire, to can welding wire.

As experts in copper rod and wire, we use our innovation to develop a variety of products to meet your needs. Some of our customers prefer our FRHC Advantage Copper Rod to make power cables, building wiring and other electrical wire products. Others prefer our Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) Elemental Copper Rod for more demanding applications. Others choose our Drawn Wire (6 to 16AWG) that features a clean, bright finish and a surface free of oxidation; this product can be made from either our Advantage rod or our Elemental rod. Completing our current product offering is our Can Welding wire that provides the canned goods industry the crucial electrical conductor needed to make cans. Every product from SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS™ is carefully engineered to perform at the highest levels.

Wire Drawing Services

We draw our copper rod from 6 and 16 gauge with several packaging options.

Not only do we produce wire for our customers as a value-added service and use our rod breakdown machine as quality-check, but our wire drawing engineers are available to travel to customers’ locations to help make their drawing processes more efficient.

Hedging Services

Our full-service hedge desk allows customers flexible copper pricing options.

Copper pricing regularly fluctuates. To help our customers mitigate the risk of copper’s volatile market, we give them access to a full-service hedge desk.

Delivery Options

We offer ample delivery options to ensure customers get the products they need, when they need them. This flexibility helps them maintain lean rod and wire inventories.

We understand it is crucial for customers to receive products at the right time in order to be efficient and successful. That’s why we offer multiple shipping options.

Central Location

We’re strategically located to provide customers transportation and logistics advantages.

From our northeast Indiana location, we are conveniently located near most of our customers, which shortens transportation routes. We can get their products to them faster and more efficiently, saving them time and resources – again, helping our customers maintain lean rod and wire inventories.

Modern Furnace Technologies

We use cutting-edge furnaces to produce high-quality copper rod products.

To create the most innovative copper rod products, you need groundbreaking technology to match. Both our refining and shaft furnaces feature the latest industry advancements to ensure the copper rod products we produce are the greatest quality.

Discover how we can make copper work for you.

Contact our team of experts to discuss your copper rod needs and how we can help you gain efficiencies and meet your goals.

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