“From the beginning, our business model has been based on sustainability. Our unique process for producing Advantage™ copper lowers our impact on the environment by reclaiming copper to make new products. Throughout our facility, we use state-of-the-art technologies to continue our sustainability journey.”

Kurt Breischaft — PRESIDENT

A process that gives copper new life—
Reclaimed copper lives on and on.

Reclaimed Copper—Over 180 Million Pounds Annually

In our state-of-the-art refining furnace, we refine all types of copper to produce our Advantage copper product. Copper can be used over and over, making this a highly sustainable process. At full production capacity, we have the ability to refine 180 million pounds of reclaimed copper material annually, turning it into clean, high-conductivity copper rod and wire that meets ASTM B49 standards.

Latest, most efficient technology

Our shaft furnace is the newest, most automated furnace currently in the U.S. Featuring the latest oxygen control systems, in conjunction with our refining furnace, this furnace can produce 250 million pounds of Elemental™ copper annually. We use virgin copper cathodes and bare bright copper from the cleanest sources to manufacture a 99.9% pure copper product that has minimum 100.00% IACS conductivity.

Air Particulate Collection

Utilizing a highly efficient baghouse, we collect air particles created during the manufacturing process, preventing them from being released into the atmosphere. Our facility has three large baghouses that collect and clean air from the production process. When the air leaves the stack, it is free of particulate and meets all environmental standards.

Recycling from Start to Finish

We have incorporated many points throughout our manufacturing process where waste materials are recycled. The slag pulled off the melted copper in our refining furnace is recycled and reused rather than being sent to a landfill. Copper dust emitted during the production process is filtered out in water baths and reused in the furnace. We also recycle the water used in our rolling mill. At the end of our process, we store and transport our finished products on plastic pallets made from 100% recycled materials.

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