As the only recycled copper rod company in North America, SDI La Farga is committed to responsibly maintaining the earth’s resources. By choosing recycled, or green copper, SDI La Farga reduces their carbon footprint by reducing the amount of waste and pollution, reusing as much copper scrap as possible, and recycling reclaimed copper in order to protect our planet.

Reducing Our Impact
During new copper refinement, harmful gases are produced that impact the environment. But with copper recycling, little to no gases are emitted, thereby reducing pollution and protecting our environment. This occurs through a fire-refining process, a method that uses less water and has a smaller impact on our planet than mining new copper, which requires huge volumes of water and has the negative effects of releasing sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide into our environment. By choosing recycled copper, we lower our dependency on water consumption while protecting our earth from pollution. According to the Copper Alliance, these savings are estimated around 100 million MWh and 40 million tons—a substantial savings that reduces our carbon footprint.

Reusing our Resources
Copper products are hard-wearing and last for a long time, which is why it makes sense to reuse and recycle copper. Each year in the US, more copper is reclaimed and put back into service through recycling than copper obtained from newly mined ores. During the last decade, about 35 percent of annual copper use came from reclaimed sources.

SDI La Farga’s reclaimed copper is sourced from electrical wiring and plumbing products in a variety of grades and forms. Reclaimed copper plays an important role in copper availability since today’s new copper becomes tomorrow’s recycled material, visit

Recycling Copper
Recycled copper can come from both old scrap and new scrap and can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing any of its properties. This produces a copper that is 99.9% pure and minimizes the environmental impact of mining. By recycling copper through a fire-refining method that uses less resources and energy, it’s clear that copper recycling is more energy-efficient than mining new copper Considering copper’s recycling rate is higher than any other metal, recycled copper is the superior choice and helps us achieve our goal of reducing, reusing and recycling.

At SDI La Farga, we create a sustainable source of metal for future generations while protecting our planet’s resources.