At SDI La Farga, our desire is to protect the earth’s resources by producing recycled copper products made in an environmentally responsible way.

Protecting our Limited Resources
Because copper is a finite resource, we want to do all we can to protect our earth’s natural resources. Although 12% of the world’s known copper is already mined, nearly all of that is still in circulation through copper recycling. Known as the world’s most reusable resource, copper can be recycled an infinite number of times and has a higher recycling rate than any other metal. Recycled copper’s value is also impressive: It maintains over 90% of the value of newly mined copper. By recycling copper, we keep the overall cost of copper products down, while protecting the finite copper resources on earth.

Minimizing our Environmental Impact
At SDI La Farga, we want to responsibly produce copper products while lessening our impact on the environment. Through our state-of-the-art processes, we recycle copper in an environmentally friendly way, with less impact on the earth and more cost savings than other methods.

Using a fire-refining process, we protect the earth’s limited resources while using less water and reducing emissions when compared to the electrolytic process, a more expensive and environmentally harmful method. By requiring more water and producing more solid waste, the electrolytic method results in higher energy costs overall, visit

At SDI La Farga, our reclaimed copper is sourced from electrical wiring and plumbing products in a variety of grades and forms, then fire-refined while leaving less of a carbon footprint at a fraction of the price. This produces a copper that is 99.9% pure and minimizes the environmental impact, making recycled copper the smart choice for consumers.

SDI La Farga: The Responsible Copper Choice
By choosing SDI La Farga for your copper needs, we protect the environment by using less of the earth’s resources, yielding fewer emissions, and producing a high quality, 99.9% pure copper product english college. Recycled copper is the responsible choice for those who want to protect the earth while maintaining purity and quality of their copper.

This commitment to environmentally responsible practices shows our desire to protect the earth’s resources on behalf of its consumers, while producing excellence in recycled copper products.