SDI La Farga is working hard to protect the planet and its precious resources by recycling copper products while lessening our carbon footprint and impact on the earth. When you choose SDI La Farga’s recycled copper, you are selecting a recycled product that saves resources, emits less pollution and protects the earth for future generations.

How does recycled copper impact the planet?

Copper is one of the most recycled of all metals. Unlike other materials, copper can be perpetually recycled without loss of quality, making it a better choice for protecting our environment. Once processed, recycled copper is almost identical to new copper.

According to the Copper Alliance, 35% of the copper used in 2010 was sourced through recycling. Best of all, it can be recycled from any reclaimed copper. This extends the efficiency of copper, resulting in energy savings and maintaining a sustainable source of metal for the future. Copper’s ability to be recycled an infinite number of times is one way SDI La Farga is impacting the planet for tomorrow.

Another way we impact the planet is by using a fire-refining process that protects the earth’s precious resources. Our method produces fewer sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions, which means less pollution impacting our planet.

This process also uses less water, a growing concern among those who rely on copper production. New copper mining requires huge amounts of water to control dust and separate copper from the earth. In places where water resources are a growing concern, this could slow the growth of future copper production.

A recent Wall Street Journal article noted that potential water-related supply disruptions could push copper production into a deficit, where demand outstrips the supply of copper With the concern for water shortages and copper’s demand, it’s no wonder that recycled copper is best choice for our planet.

Switching our reliance from new copper to recycled copper allows us to impact the planet by saving water, producing less emissions, and recycling a metal that rivals new copper in quality by creating a 99.9% pure copper product.

With all the ways that recycled copper saves our planet’s precious resources, why wouldn’t you make the smart choice for your copper needs? With SDI La Farga’s recycled copper, you can help protect the planet for future generations.