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Our Mio Metals division is one of the largest manufacturers of zinc surfaces in the country! You can find our work in major cities throughout the United States, Canada and we have even shipped a restaurant full of surfaces to Venezuela. Countertops, tables and shelves are all made by hand ready for easy installation. Our matte finish is the most popular for surfaces because it helps the natural patina form quickly with your use.


  • Available for bar tops, residential countertops, tables, shelves and more
  • Integrated sinks available
  • Vacuum laminated to wood substrates
  • Can be made for exterior applications
  • Large countertops ship in sections that bolt together to form a butt seam
  • We ship throughout America and internationally as well
  • Installer list available
  • Dedicated website with more information at

About our surfaces

Our surfaces are produced and sold by the same people as our range hoods under our Mio Metals brand name. We offer product-specific websites to provide you with the most tailored shopping experience. You can learn more about the Mio Metals division at or visit one of our countertop websites for a larger photo gallery of each product. All of our surfaces have a living finish that will react to water, oils from finger tips, acidic foods and more. Learn about the expected appearance and order samples at the individual websites.

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Mio Metals' product-specific websites:


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Copperworks was founded in California in 1981 by John Strong.

We have been making hoods, exterior elements, surfaces and much more ever since.

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