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We make them slightly differently and we want you to be educated prior to your purchase.

Sink Construction

If you look at the sink in the photo, you will see our most common sink construction method. A "belt" of copper starts on the left side, bends down to the bottom and bends up to the right side. This belt is attached to a front and back panel with a large mechanical (one piece tucks into the other) which is soldered to be water tight. Thus, the front and back panels do not have a radius - just the left and the right. We can rotate this construction to have the seams on the left and right instead of front and back but there are always only two sides that are curved.

We do offer some bowl sinks that are spun into a half-sphere shape. They measure 12" diameter and 14" diameter with depths of 6" and 7" respectively. In addition, we can make round, flat bottom sinks and you can see some of these in our gallery.

Patina and Finish

As you can see from this sink, the finish is unique and some may call it spotted. These spots are always changing depending on the use. If you set a pan in the sink overnight, the water that clings between the pan and the sink are likely to cause a reaction with the copper and you may see a ring the next day. Likewise, any acidic foods - lemons and tomato-based foods are common - will also leave a mark on copper, zinc or brass. If this living finish is not attractive to your design, please consider a different material. We warranty our craftsmanship, but we cannot control the finish.


We can make sinks in copper, brass or zinc, but there are some properties to know as you consider which sink is right for you. Copper is a warm color and is softer than steel. We use 32 ounce (0.043") thick copper sheet to make our sinks, which provides strength with a minimum of material. The seams that were mentioned above provide rigidity to create a long lasting shape.

Zinc is softer than copper and still reacts in a similar way. With a base color of gray, zinc will turn black and even white depending on the minerals in your water. We use 0.040" thick zinc on most sinks and 0.060" thick zinc on larger ones. Since zinc is soft, it is best if the bottom is not under a lot of stress so additional support for garbage disposals is desirable. If you are looking for a silver sink to go with a zinc countertop, our first recommendation is a stainless steel sink as you will get better performance from that material. If you are looking for something unique or a custom size, we are happy to make it in zinc.

Brass, conversely, is stronger and stiffer than copper which is surprising since it is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass is a great material for a sink and can also match with many brass fixtures, drains and other kitchen hardware. Brass begins as a golden color and ages toward brown to look similar to "oil rubbed bronze" which is a common color in kitchen hardware.


Like the sink in the photograph, we make surface mount sinks. We can also make them to be undermount or integrated into one of our copper, zinc or brass countertops.


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Copperworks was founded in California in 1981 by John Strong.

We have been making hoods, exterior elements, surfaces and much more ever since.

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